Rock'n'Roll Racing 3D  

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Revival isometric racing!

Motor Rock recreates the spirit and gameplay of the best oldschool 90’s race games, which was being developed over 4 years.

You have to control one of the participants of mortal intergalactic tournament and pave your way to the Cup through numerous kills, using new tactical opportunities of isometric camera or modern third person mode.

Familiar classic gameplay!

We got the classic gameplay in new three-dimensional tracks.

You will be easy to navigate in the universe of the game. During the tournament you certainly will have remembered familiar features of many planets, cars, characters and weapons. Also, the gameplay contains various innovations that significantly diversify gameplay.

Multiplayer support up to 8 players!

Don’t you want a singleplayer mode? Join your partner in a multiplayer mode and win the Cup together! And check your skills fighting an aggressive CPU or other players on LAN play.

In a free race can play up to 8 people, in a cooperative mode is recommended no more than 2-3 people. The game also supports LAN emulation via the Internet chamachi.

Great soundtrack!

Can not doubt, soundtrack of the Motor Rock - this is our special pride! With the participation of Frantick specifically for the gamewas recorded drive hard rock music, which is a modern remastering of familiar songs.

In addition, with the consent Speed ​​Stroke, the soundtrack of the game were added a few songs of this great rock band from Italy.

Other game features
  • Well-known commentator in 2 different versions.
  • 5 planets, more than 10 cars and weapons
  • You can install up to 4 weapons on your car.
  • Various weather conditions during race.
  • Destructible environment objects.
  • Gamepad support (compatible with xInput). 
  • Russian, English, French, Brazilian and German versions of the game