Rock'n'Roll Racing 3D  


One of the few planets that have retained their pristine beauty. Covered with trackless jungles, the planet is still tenuously populated. The few intelligent inhabitants of Intaria live in harmony with nature and the exotic creatures sharing the land with them.


A gloomy postnuclear world that has been intensely flooded. Occasional patches of firm ground can still be found in the vast ocean, but those islets of scorched earth have for ages been inadequate for living. Fossilized remains of vegetation and ruined buildings of an extinct civilization is all that is left on Patagonis.

Chemi V

There is probably no other planet in the universe with such picturesque scenery and beautiful sunsets. On this planet the antique art is intertwined with the technology of the space age in a most peculiar way, and most of the locals live inside a branched mountain system.


A planet located far from the Sun and almost completely covered in snow. The ever-frost world of NHO provides ideal conditions for constructing the race tracks out of the local building materials - several thousand years old blocks of ice.


An infernal furnace, and at the same time a planet with valuable natural resources that attract an ever growing number of fortune seekers. Volcano’s burning hot surface has not interfered with the process of building of the most difficult race tracks in the galaxy.