Rock'n'Roll Racing 3D  


A former spacecraft ranger who had once fought against an alien race of invaders, and now is stagnating on a remote planet of his solar system. Participation in the races is his chance to rejoin the ranks. Tyler likes cars and hates aliens, and for him it is a good enough incentive to win.


A dodger and a slick opportunist who would not miss any occasion to do dirt on his opponents. Christoph’s craftiness knows no bounds, and in survival racing it is the most valuable skill.


A former star of the interplanetary races who has decided to revert to his old ways and reminisce about the old days when his victories were the focus of attention in the entire galaxy. Undoubtedly, Tarquinn can still teach his young opponents a thing or two.



Even the most uninformed outcasts from the farthermost galaxies have heard of Snake - and rightly so, because he has been holding top spots in the tournaments for a long time. It’s most likely impossible to find another human who is as obsessed with racing as Snake.


 Seeing a woman among the participants is as uncommon as winning a race without firing a single shot. However, Violet is of the kind that can give a hard time even to experienced racers.

Gerry Shooter

No one knows what has brought him to the races, and, more importantly, where he is from. Gerry himself says that he comes from far-off wild lands in comparison to which Hell could be considered a place for carefree walks.

Mardock (Intaria)

The wise leader of the local aborigines who live in harmony with nature. Mardock abhors violence, and his intent is to win races relying on his driving skills rather than on annihilating everyone in his way. His advanced version of Manticora serves this goal perfectly.

Stinkle (Patagonis)

Intelligent robots are the dominant species on this lifeless planet. Stinkle is one of the models that have been designed specifically for racing and are considered to be dangerous adversaries – and twice as dangerous when they have a modernized track tank as their vehicle.

K-Jin (Chemi V)

Coming from the Raska tribe, K-Jin is a born mechanic who has a knack for mechanical engineering. The Monstertruck that he has singlehandedly put together is the best on the planet and will give no chance to his opponents.

Gank (Volcano)

A cruel and merciless monster, even by Volcano’s standards. Gank’s vehicle is an ideal deadly weapon that was designed specifically to help him sate his immeasurable blood lust.

Butch (Frost)

Суровый воин, которому не привыкать к вечному холоду его родного мира. Гоночная версия монстертрака, оснащенная колесами большего диаметра, делает Бутчера одним из самых опасных соперников в турнире.