Rock'n'Roll Racing 3D  

    Isometric camera and gameplay

Motor Rock is primarily a wonderful combination of 2D isometric projection and game mechanics. We can honestly say that the isometric gameplay was not harmed by the game's transition to the third dimension. 


    Renovated interface

While developing the interface, we wanted it to retain the original features while also adding new 3D elements. In the end we have decided to keep the original structure of the game menu while making a new 3D garage where all upgrades and weapons are presented as 3D models. The camera in the garage can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally. We are still working on the game's interface, and soon it will be even better.

    A variety of weapons

We have created over 15 types of weapons that will become available as the game progresses. Besides the fact that every car now has a unique weapon, each can be equipped with a maximum of 3 additional guns. Now the players have a choice: either to spend money on additional charges of a powerful unique weapon which will be lost when a new car is bought, or to spend it on weapons from the shop, which are not as powerful, but will be transferred to new cars. All classic weapons, nitros and mines are retained.





    Old and new characters



В процессе игры вы можете зарабатывать очки, совершая двойные убийства, сталкивая соперников пропасть, собирая все деньги на трассе и много другое. На заработанные очки можно приобрести награды в виде секретных бонусов, доступных также и мультиплеере!



 Other important game features are:

  • 4 planets with distinct nature and architecture  
  • 7 cars and a few secret ones 
  • 4 bosses with advanced cars
  • 15 types of weapons  
  • multiple characters to choose from
  • two-player mode  
  • various weather conditions
  • the ability to install up to 4 weapons on a car
  • destructible environment objects
  • the commentator recorded in Russian an English languages
  • Russian, English, and Brazilian versions of the game