Rock'n'Roll Racing 3D  

Start of development: june 2009 
Release date: dec 16 2013
Genre: vehicular combat
Developers: Yard Team
Publisher: off
Platform: PC (Windows)
Related games: Rock'n'Roll Racing, Death Rally, Carmageddon, Trackmania
Multiplayer: LAN, Internet,  8 players
Controls: keyboard, mouse
Development tools: VC2008,  Direct9 engine Rock3D

What is Motor Rock?

It is a futuristic vehicular combat game for PC inspired by the best of the 90s racing games. Primarily we looked up to Rock'n'Roll Racing which was released on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and the Super Nintendo game consoles and became a real hit. Motor Rock is inspired by and developed in the traditions of the original game.



We’ve made an effort to keep the classic gameplay of the original game while adapting it for 3D graphics. In order to make driving through more than 30 race tracks less boring, we’ve added several interesting innovations and brought more variety to the game by adding new vehicles and weapons.


Game world

Races take place on four different planets with distinct nature and architecture. There is no doubt that it will be easy for you to find your bearings in MR.


How about Rock'n'Roll? 

There are 10 songs in the game that justify its title. You can also easily replace the default tracks with your favorite songs even during the game’s installation process. The commentator’s voice is recorded in English and Russian languages, with new phrases and in high quality.


Game editing 

The game is supplied with a full-featured map editor which we ourselves have used to create race tracks. We welcome game editing, and for this reason the game’s resources are not hidden in archives, but are in open formats, located in the respective catalogue.